A simple Guide to having a Forum Avatar

This is a guide for people who want a Forum avatar but are stumped on how to get one and want an easy method to obtain one.

Follow these easy steps.
(1) Go to Google Images
And search for an image you want as an avatar.

(2) When you see the image you want as an avatar RIGHT CLICK
(for one button mouse hold down the CONTROL button and click with your mouse)

(3) When the contextual menu pops up select OPEN IMAGE IN NEW WINDOW.
(note: NOT Open Link in new window but open IMAGE… about halfway down the menu list)

(4) You should now have a new browser window open with just the image showing.

(5) Go up to the URL at the top of your browser window and select the whole thing (⌘+A)

(6) The Copy the URL (⌘+C)

(7) Ok now go to the SCR forums

Log in (if you aren’t already) and near the top select USER CONTROL PANEL.
Click User Control panel.

( 8 ) When your User Contol Panel comes up click the second tab named PROFILE.

(9) On the left hand side click the tab that says EDIT AVATAR.

(10) In the window about halfway down you will see LINK OFF-SITE and a text input box beside it. Click once inside that box to get your text inertion point then paste (⌘+V) the URL you copied from the image you opened in a new browser window (steps 5 and 6).

Click submit and you are done!

Yo, Wock.
I never took the time to figure it out so I appreciate your crystal-clear instructions.
I found a photo of me taken with a Toon Town camera, so I used it.
You’re one of the posters that I make a point of reading.
Thanks for the help. Your informational posts are a valuable resource.

Actually, as someone who hosts a website, I can’t stand it when people do this. If you want to use an image as an avatar, save it to your own web space and link to it from there.

With the free and easy availability of Flickr, ImageBucket, and other free image hosting sites, there’s really no excuse for image leeching these days.

Yes those that have the knowledge of creating and hosting their own images do such a thing (and avoid image leeching). But there are those out there that finding and downloading and image, creating a custom image, finding a free site to host from and then link to is to detailed and cumbersome hence the guide for those that are “stumped.”

I guess I could write a detailed guide on a non-leeching method using flickr, image bucket, geocities or a personal website but that would take more time and much detail and truthfully those that know how wouldn’t need the guide and those that don’t know how I am afraid would not want to take the time to learn.

Myself, I make my own in Photoshop and usually host through personal website/hosting or use geocities as a stoarge dump. This guide is not ment for those that know how to do that, it is simply one for those that don’t have the computer knowledge but want a fast easy avatar.


Thanks Nib!