A simple request

Last night, after yet another battle with Microsoft Word, I took some deep breaths and opened up Scrivener. I just had some thoughts I needed to jot down, and using Scrivener was like hanging out with an old friend who just “gets me” without having to explain things. Within a few moments of typing things out, I was feeling a whole lot better, so I thought that I’d drop you guys a line.
What you have done with Scrivener is nothing short of miraculous. There is an elegant beauty to the program that is undeniable, and yet, the program is not so complicated that I need to enroll is several night classes in order to understand exactly what the hell the program is supposed to be doing.
In fact, I’ve really only got one problem that needs resolving, and I’m sure there’s a feature here that I haven’t found yet.
When I’m using Scrivener on my projects, I lose track of time. When this is combined with a wife that seems to feel we need “us time,” I think that Scrivener needs to have some kind of timing mechanism that will remind me that I need to go and say hello the wife and sit down with her for a few minutes and watch “International House Hunters.”
Thanks for a great program.

There are dashboard widgets that are count-down timers and alarms. They’re easy to use and always available to keep you from being absorbed in your writing for too long at a stretch. I use mine to set myself mini deadlines to keep the words flowing.

I expect everybody’s got a favourite little timer, but one I use for just this purpose is TinyAlarm.

Hi Richard,

Many thanks for the kind words! Sincerely appreciated. Sounds like Scriv’s doing you a favour in getting you away from “International House Hunters”, though (although I have no idea what that is). :slight_smile:

All the best,

For one that is simple to use and web-based: http://e.ggtimer.com/