A simpler set of MMD header files?

How do I tell Scrivener, or MMD, to use a different set of MMD tex header files other than the ones inside the Scrivener app package itself?

When I was doing it just before I found that the inclusion of the glossaries package (which I don’t use) caused it not to compile in TeX Shop (TeXLive 2012 on a Mac 10.8 with Scrivener 2.3.1 and mmd 3.6)

I find that the nesting of files doesn’t suit the output that I want at all. In fact I’d rather it output a much simpler .tex file which I can then edit by hand to get the layout I want. I don’t mind the use of memoir/article but rather not inherit the complex set of packages that it exports with by default.

TeX doesn’t scare me. I’m using Scrivener because of the strong ability to organise the material. I’ve got a various number of custom formats I have to adhere to (journal formats, thesis formats etc) so I’d prefer if the TeX that came out of Scrivener/MMD was as plain and simple as possible.

The system is actually fully customisable. We have the simple selectors there for basic usage, and I think that suits many people just fine, but in that same area you can select “Custom” and type in your own TeX code, thus allowing you to save these into a compile preset for future use in other projects.

Additionally you can download the LaTeX MMD support package, which includes all of the boilerplate files that Scrivener users to create the basic formats, and modify or extend them as you please. Instructions for doing that are all in the MultiMarkdown manual. Scrivener has been coded to scan for and prefer your texmf copies of the files if they exist. Or you can just make your own boilerplates, put them in there, and specify them in your Meta-Data block.

Of course, another alternative to that is to just edit the .tex files that Scrivener puts into the compile folder. Once they are there, it won’t rewrite them so long as the compile folder’s name ends in _mmd, .mmd, .tex or _tex. That’s only a per-project solution, but fine if the document is a one-off.

As for causing MMD to generate a single .tex file instead of a basic content .tex with all of the preamble and footer in inputs—I don’t think that is possible any longer, at least not without going the XSLT route. That shouldn’t ordinarily be a problem though. From what I understand you are more interested in customising the preamble than in having it all in one file.

Thank you I will explore those solutions. I saw the ‘custom’ option but i was concerned I’d be typing in different tex fragments over and over again, I didn’t realise they’d save with the compile preset (which I admit I probably don’t take enough use of that feature … I often just manually reconfigure the compile settings every time).