A source for binder icons?

Hi. I thought I’d ask here because this isn’t really a support question or a wish list thing.

I would like to find some additional binder icons and am wondering if anyone knows of a good source.

An alphabet and number set would be useful. I’ve found some online, but they all have problems of one kind or another.


I don’t know if there’s a repository out there for this kind of thing, but I’ve found that the “favicon.ico” that you see for some web pages works really well for binder icons. Typically, you go to en.wikipedia.org/favicon.ico for wikipedia articles that I save into my research folders, for instance.

A google search for “favicon alphabet” seems to turn up some promising leads, but make sure you’ve got good malware protection before you get too carried away with the downloads. :open_mouth:

16x16 pixel icons are what will work best (same as favicons), so a web search for “icons 16x16” should bring up a bounty. :slight_smile:

Also searching for ‘icons’ in our Tips & Zen boards should bring up a few threads.

Gah! i’ve done a dozen searches for ‘icons 16x16’ and got the bounty you refer to. But I mutinied on that bounty. :mrgreen:

All I found were sets that didn’t read well or that didn’t include a full set of alphanumerics.

Will search tips and zen.


I’m pretty sure I remember someone made a set of Roman numerals a while back.

Following RDG’s example, a couple that you might find useful:
You can download a little version of the Scrivener icon at:

or have a little picture of the pigfender logo (for all your pigfender related documents) from:

Perhaps more useful as inspiration…

Here try this.


Most of those convert to Windows favicon icons which don’t seem to work on my Mac.

Does anyone know of a source of Mac specific binder icons?

You can take any image you want on a Mac, crop/resize it in Preview and then save it as a .ico file, which means it is easy to create your own favicon or binder icons.

Preview doesn’t give you a .ico option, so just replace the existing extension (.jpg, .png, etc) with .ico.

You can then open it in Safari to check if it works.


I just use either 16x16 or 24x24 png format in my projects.

Thanks for this. I’ve found a few that are suitable.

@Briar Kit: Thank you for the tip. I’ve rather neglected Preview and failed to realise how versatile it’s become. Saves the hassle of opening Pixelmator or Acorn when it’s only a simple resize that’s needed.