a "storyboard" feature?

I have looked around but can’t determine if Scrivener will let me do this in a straightforward fashion. I have attached the ywriter example as a reference.

In this blog post, scroll down to “A timeline”, and you’ll find an extensive explanation for why devices like this don’t work well with Scrivener’s fundamental design.

You can do something similar, if you don’t mind being in Outliner view and going vertical instead of horizontal. Create custom meta-data fields for Hal, Clunk, Fisher, etc… Color code them if you like. You have to associate any given entry with a file or folder in the binder, but I can’t see that being a bad thing.

This tool might prove useful as well:

scribblecode.com/forum/viewt … ?f=4&t=628

Excellent suggestion and an informative “read.” Thank you!
(And next time, I’ll remember the beer!.. “Provide some drawings. (And send beer. Beer is always good.)”

Robert, thank you! I have used that approach (show colors in binder is mega-nice, too), but I guess I’m hung up on “time” moving left to right, rather than down. :laughing:

Thank you so much! In your opinion, does the synching help or confuse?

It took me some time to learn how to sync what’s valuable, but in my case it was worth it.

You might want to take a look at Scrapple, another L&L product.

Er “Scapple” … no ‘r’.


Mr X


Scrapple’s a better name, though. :smiley:

…if you like ground pork and cornmeal. :wink:

Scapple: roughly cutting stone to an approximate shape, leaving refined planing for later.

Scrapple: all of the junk they won’t even make into sausages or hot dogs, boiled into a loaf of congealed offal and cereal—American haggis.

But maybe you use Scapple in a different fashion than I do. :laughing:

Well, I was thinking more Scrapple = scrap+apple.