A strange blinking!


I have a strange blinking, flickering thing going on in Scrivener today. Just one document out of a project. I managed to catch this picture of it, as it flickers and covers up the words underneath. The green bar and its percentage stat fluctuates between 7% and 97%. And it only does so when then cursor is not active in the document window. With an active cursor–everything looks fine.

I triple checked. This project and document has no targets set.

Beta 29. Windows Vista

This is the loading bar, not related to projects. There’s an issue currently where sometimes documents won’t load completely, resulting in the progress bar remaining at the top of the editor. If you scroll all the way to the bottom or use the arrow keys to move to the end of the document, you should force the whole page to load and the bar will disappear. This can also have to do with how large your editor is–the narrower the editor, the more likely it seems that documents won’t load 100%, so you may also be able to avoid this by making your window bigger, etc.