A strange question

I got a second hand laptop from a friend a while back. When I got it from him it had scrivener installed already. I played around with it, fell in love with it, and decided to purchase the full software for myself. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong. Come to find out my buddy had not actually paid for a legit copy and was using a hacked/cracked copy. The software is fully functional, but it isn’t my licensed copy. I have tried uninstalling the software, and even using CCleaner to clean up the registry but it will not let me deactivate the hacked “license” so that I can put my legit license in. I’ve looked in the normal places for hidden directories that need to be deleted to do a “true” uninstall but can’t find any. When I try the “deactivate scrivener” option in the help menu it throws me an error message.

So my question is this: What can I do to completely remove the existing installation to the point where it will let me use my own key? Reformatting is not an option at this point because I have so much other software already installed. Unfortunately just proceeding to use the cracked copy with the knowledge that I have at least paid for the software isn’t something I can do either. I have severe OCD and now that I know it was installed illegitimately I HAVE to find a way to install it legit

Thanks in advance

EDIT: to add… I am using Windows 7 64bit (if that makes any difference)

Disregard. I found some other software that he had installed was also pirated, so I went ahead and just formatted it. I guess this is a case of “if something sounds to good to be true…”

That’s probably wise. Cracked software is often cracked in other ways that can open your computer to exploit.

Yeah, as garpu said, given there’s no knowing what all was on there, reformatting is certainly your safest move, and probably most mentally reassuring. We appreciate your purchasing Scrivener! And welcome to the forums!