A strikeout function, please


I love Scrivener. So here is a small wish what would make it a little bit better.

I miss a function which strikeout words, sentences i don’t need anymore, but should not be complete deleted. I tried with highlightning the text, but it was to flashy.

So please developers, can you put it on your ToDo list.


So glad you’re enjoying Scrivener! The strikethrough function is already present: look in Format>Font>Strike Through. You can add a button to the format bar if you want by going into Edit>Edit Toolbars, selecting the Format toolbar, and then adding the Strike Through function. In future this should get a keyboard shortcut as well.

You might also want to try using annotations for this sort of semi-deleting of text, as annotations can easily be stripped from your compiled manuscript (whereas text you strike out will have to be deleted manually if you decide you really don’t want it). You can toggle the annotation formatting just like strikethrough or other character formatting, selecting a range of text and turning it into an annotation (or switching it back to regular text), and the ghost notes mode gives you the option to fade the text when the cursor isn’t within the annotation so you can more easily read the text around it and see how it flows without your “deleted” text.

I was just thinking about this, and I wonder if it might be possible for some future, post-2.x release, to have “revisions mode”* do strike-through (optionally) instead of actually deleting when you hit the delete key. The strike-through would be the same color as the revision, and via some function, you could have all of those words/characters removed (either at compile time, or maybe in conjunction with a snapshot), or maybe just hidden. Also, a compile option to exclude or include them would be nice.

Of course, this would probably require a complete re-write of the text engine, especially the ability to hide/collapse struck-through text, which is why I was suggesting version 3 or 4. If a new text engine is not necessary (maybe a toggle to hide/show all strikethrough text rather than collapse & expand certain ranges of it), it would be really cool, and a direct analogue to editing on paper.

  • For those confused about this feature, it’s in Mac Scrivener 2.0, and does for new text what strike-through does for text you plan to remove.

I searched for it in the 'Customize toolbar" but cannot find it. Was it removed? Am I looking with my nose? If removed, could it be put back maybe? The strikethrough function is very handy with todo’s and reworking texts. I know the keyboard-shortcut, but I’d love to use a button.


This still exists, just below the comment and footnote buttons. Make sure you’re looking at the Format Toolbar list and not the Main Toolbar (in Tools > Customize Toolbars).

I find it between “Footnote” and “Bigger” in the Format Toolbar section of the left pane of the Customize Toolbars dialog. But in fact I think the button was already in place in the editor’s Format Bar when I installed the program. If the Format Bar itself is not visible, toggle it with Alt-RightArrow. (And I’ll just say right now that in my first hour of fooling around with Scrivener, I lost sight of the toolbars a lot from expecting Alt-RightArrow and Alt-LeftArrow to do something else!)

Just to be sure, I’m on a Mac. OS 10.6.8. Scrivener 2.4.1. As fas as I know, I only have one ‘Customize Toolbar’. By right-clicking the toolbar or by View > Customize Toolbar…

Screenshots (cut in two as this forum layout prohibits large graphics):

Oh! I didn’t notice your platform by your user name. This is the Windows feedback forum, so I just assumed Windows. :wink: Then no, sorry, the format bar isn’t customisable on the Mac, and there’s no strikethrough button, just the shortcut. You can modify the shortcut via System Preferences if you wish, to make it something more convenient for you.

Right. Thanks MimeticMouton. And time for a feature request 8)