A stupid question

Hullo, I was wondering, is it better to close Scrivener or at least the project I’m working on on my mac before opening said project in my IPAD? Does it cause a conflict of versions or is there no problem?

Others may disagree but I think the answer is that, technically, you don’t have to but, practically, you would benefit from doing so.

If you leave the project open on the Mac, making sure it has synced your latest work to Dropbox, open it on iOS, add some more, sync it to Dropbox, return to the Mac, and remember to sync with Dropbox before you start working, then you should be alright.

If you somehow manage to return to the Mac and start working before the iOS changes have arrived then you will create two conflicting versions. Scrivener will tell you this but it won’t tell you what the conflicts are. You will have to figure this out and that is not necessarily a lot of fun :slight_smile:

I speak from personal experience, albeit an iOS-Windows one, and that’s why I suggest the safest policy is to close the project on the Mac and wait ninety seconds or so until Dropbox indicates the files have been synced.


Thanks a bunch! Will do as you suggest.