A suggestion for next release of Scrivener (roman numbered pages)

In Page Settings, add an option for no Roman numbering on the first page. Ever. No matter what.

Or you could create a Section Layout for the Frontmatter and remove rhe <$R> Placeholder from the header or footer.

I’ll see if I haven’t already edited the Section Layout and give that a try.

No go.
There really needs to be an option to flat out tell Scrivener not to have headers or footers on the first page. There’s too much trial and error as it is figuring out what all the settings do in the compiler.


Like so?

That won’t remove the roman numeral page number from the first page.

Perhaps there’s a way around that? I don’t happen to know…

But it occurs to me to mention that, here too, after compiling to pdf, a pdf editor would let you remove the page number from the page, where it would likely appear as a selectable page object by itself. FWIW.

With these settings, I don’t see a Roman numeral on the first page, but do are on the rest of the pages. Is that want you want?


So far, I have a 24 pages of my PDF book.
I want no page numbers on the cover page. Cover page is a made up term. Scrivener needs this.
I want roman numerals on my first pages (numbered i - vii). My TOC is pages vi - vii of it.
I want regular page numbers on my main body (numbered 1 - 16).

I ended up putting the cover and title pages in their own scrivener project, separate from my main pages I have in another project. That way, I can print both projects out as PDF files and append them together into one PDF using a PDF editor. Numbered pages in the book appear as desired now.