A suggestion for screenwriting mode

I absolutely love scrivener. It is the first software that allowed me to concentrate in story development. In other software I used previously (celtx, montage) almost always there was something missing. Either integration with final draft or unpolished look or both.

Some suggestions.

  • In the screenwriting mode can we globally change the property(like font color, size, typeset etc) of a screenwriting element (shot, dialog, character, scene heading etc.). Currently we can do it on a one by one basis by right clicking and selecting font etc. Final Draft allows to do it on a global basis. The reason for this unusual request is all black is too bland when I write.

  • is there a possibility of integration with movie magic screenwriter? I am not sure if there file format is open.

Other than that what scrivener users need is concentration. And for users facing concentration due to internet please consider using little application called Freedom. You’ll pat yourself.

For me scrivener is the best $40 ever spent.

Would love to second the integration of Movie Magic Screenwriter. I’m not a huge fan of Final Draft… It’s kinda ugly and non intuitive to me. (Director David Wain talks about scrivener - how i heard of the program - and his hatred of Final Draft here: screenplay.com/t-testimonials.aspx

Having said that, I just literally started using scrivener Yesterday and LOVE IT! It’s a huge gamechanger and I’m telling all of my writer friends about it. So thank you for making this program!

Hi Bobby,

Welcome aboard, and thanks for the kind words! It is fairly straightforward to get stuff in and out from MMS (and CeltX) using plain text. The reason we have FDX support is because the good folk at Final Draft allowed us access to their proprietary format. It was a massive job, though, and to be honest I don’t really want to approach the MMS guys to ask to support their format right now just because I don’t think I could handle it in terms of time and maintenance - when there are more programmers than just me, it might be more feasible.

Thanks again and all the best,

Keith - thanks very much for the reply. Again, I can’t thank you enough for creating this program. I’ve been using it to outline a feature film this week and it’s literally made my writing better. I’ve been talking up this software all week to friends! I wish you continued success with it. You have a lifetime customer.

Thank you Bobby, much appreciated. Good luck with your film!

Have a great weekend,

If you would move my posts to the Windows forum, I would surely appreciate it.

Regards, Kent.

I’ve moved them here:


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Hi Keith,

While on the subject of screenwriting mode, have you checked out the new screenwriting software Movie Draft SE? It’s main selling point is its unique non-linear writing mode, enabling you to write scenes in any order!!! Old hat for Scrivener of course. But it does offer an interesting feature, a window showing time taken for the scene and for the script to date, doing away with the need to count pages I guess. How it calculates time, I don’t know but it’s an interesting idea.

Keep up the great work


Hi Mike,

Yes, I’m aware of the software and know the developer via email conversations - a nice guy and a great piece of software. No plans to add “time taken” to Scrivener, though, sorry!

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Hi Keith,

I’ve been with Scrivener for several months. I put a request in about developing the ability to export scripts into Movie Magic Screenwriter with Jeff. I’ve been led here. Found the thread which was last active in 2011. Perhaps you’ve recovered from the intensive work with Final Draft folks that Movie Magic integration could be visible on the horizon? Just checking in on this. I’m loving Scrivener and have my daughter working with it as well. But we need the ability to export for our scripts. Thanks for updating us MMS folks. Yes, there are plenty of us.