A suggestion: Inserting screenshots or snippets directly from the clipboard

Hi, dear development team,

I would like to make a suggestion: The first thing I mentioned when I started working with Scapple was the impossibility to copy something from the screen with the snipping tool and paste it onto the Scapple canvas :open_mouth: .

It is fine that we can drag & drop picture files on it :smiley: , but it would be even greater if no detour was needed to get a simple sample of graphic pixels on the sheet :mrgreen: .

Since I’m not a programmer I don’t know how much of an effort that would afford but I’d appreciate this feature gratefully :unamused: ! Please, think about it!

Thanks a lot guys,


Oops! My fault!

I’ve found out how things work :bulb:

Just get something into the clipboard, then rightclick the canvas and use paste. That’s all. One just has to find out.

Thanks, guys, great job! I’m impressed! :smiley:

Have a nice day :exclamation: