A suggestion on "Split"" for Windows

Right now when I activate Split the segment I split becomes the Main Text and the remainder becomes the sub text. It would be better for multiple splits if it was just the opposite.
i.e.: I have written text in Word and transferred it over. Now I want to break it down into sub text files for easy revision. Presently I have to split the file then in the binder exchange the Main text body with the split segment inorder to do a second split.
:bulb: I would like to mark the main text in one operation where the splits were to occur, name the segments, then split the whole document into components with one command selection. But short of that it would be better if the Main Text Body remained the main text body and the segment was automatically placed as a sub text or sub folder under the main.

Your intuition is infallible. :slight_smile: The way it is supposed to work is how you describe, and it will be fixed so that when you split in the future, you’ll end up ending the remainder. This will greatly increase the efficiency of splitting a long document into many pieces—especially if you’ve got some predictable text to search for, like “Chapter”; you can just alternate between Find Next and Split.

As for marking a bunch of spots and splitting them wholesale, like you say, that wouldn’t be as necessary if you could do the above. However, down the road there will be something in a sense like this: a file import command that lets you supply a marker, and split at every instance of that marker (choosing to discard it or keep it). So in the aforementioned case, you could tell the importer that “Chapter” is where you want to split, and keep the marker instead of discard it.