A text multiple instances Scrivener link adding


To add a Scrivener link to a part of a text I should highlight the text and add the Scrivener link from context menu`s drop-sown list, but what if I want to add the very same Scrivener link to multiple instances of a text. For instance, I have multiple instances of the term (text) (e.g. “Meaning one”) and I want to add to each of the occurrences throughout the whole project a Scrivener link to its definition. Is there the only way to do it - manually add the link to each of them one by one? Or there is another way to do it in one fell swoop?


Ask someone - answer yourself :smiley:

Nope, there is no any opportunity to add the same Scrivener link to multiple instances of a text in one fell swoop.There is a way to make the tedious manual labor a bit easier, though.

As it goes in Scrivener manual:
“When you want to create links to items in multiple places at once, it is usually easier to
use the EditCopy -SpecialCopy-Documents as Scrivener Links menu command. Now
you can paste (Ctrl-V) the items into several different places rapidly.”

Also, there is another way by adding the item (you want the place in the text get linked to) to Favorites.
Then the item will show up in Scrivener link context menu under the Favorites section.

Hope it helps.