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Let me offer a thought on why so many writers on this forum might be asking for features outside the “clearly stated visionâ€

Four years ago a bright young programmer started making Lotus Notes a brilliant medium for delivering weblogs and managing content for web delivery. It attracted a following (I have four sites using it) of energetic, informed users (just like here).

Big Blue eventually got the message - offered him a job (I guess you don’t want one …) and blue rinsed the product and it has now appeared in the box to great acclaim.

Whether the product will now go places, remains to be seen of course … but just watch out … :laughing: :laughing:

I think it is a bit early to make any such predictions for Scrivener. :slight_smile: Scrivener has only been out for two months (commercially). It seems to be doing very well, and I am very happy with its reception. That said, I have always been clear - Scrivener is a tool I wrote for myself to help me with my writing. If I never do any writing with it and keep tinkering to add features requested by users, I will have failed in the most fundamental way. Moreover, this will not be a personal failure, but ultimately a failure for the software, too: if I never use it and just add requested features, it will remain an abstract concept to me, and I will lose touch of what it is actually to write in it. It would then have no vision at all…

I am open. I have always been open. Scrivener has taken on literally hundreds of user suggestions - but only the ones that have made me go, “Oh yes, why didn’t I think of that?”

Wait for 1.02. Really, I might have to rename it 1.1, but it is a little early - again - for such jumps.

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Ah, there Keith goes again with the teasing before a juicy release! :slight_smile:

Let me offer a thought on why so many writers on this forum might be asking for features outside the “clearly stated visionâ€

100% yes.

I am using the software now for extremely different projects from morning to evening, and in the night for fun projects like novels. I hope very much that Scrivener will stay as simple and versatile as it used to be. The design is such that all elements provided can come into life as different incarnations, it is a creative and joyful process to design a project as a Scrivener-project (with groups and notes and labels etc.) as well as it is a joy to actually write.

I am a bit afraid that Scrivener might get details added that were not initially intended. It was always a good decision (well, almost always :stuck_out_tongue: ) when Keith said that a certain suggestion (some of them mine, sniff) were not what he originally intended.

OK, what will it be like?

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Maria! You don’t really expect him to answer that, do you?


No, the deal is, there’ll be these little fragrant gusts for a while and then we’ll all find out. He’s gotta have fun with this doesn’t he?

And, by the way, your sentiments are just right.


Once again, I find myself saying to Maria, Ditto!! :slight_smile:


Ich auch!



Best use of an emoticon ever.

It will be like this: Eiron will have to find something else to nag me about. :smiley:

How nice. Tim, your pronunciation is really good!

Best, Maria

lovely Eiron seems to be very busy these days. In case he cannot be as careful about the new version as he normally is, I can take his part for a while. No problem at all :smiling_imp: