a tip for a special mark

I beg here for a scrivener tip: I am revising, fighting not to fall asleep, and I want to put a mark at the beginning of a paragraph meaning checked up to here, so that the following day I can proceed further.
Thanks in advance.

Put the cursor somewhere in the paragraph where you want to start your next session, then use Edit > Insert > Bookmark Annotation. This will put a bookmark at the start of the paragraph (it’s a blue annotation, starting with an asterisk and a space, to which you can add a descriptive comment if you want, such as “checked up to here”.)

Tomorrow, when you come back to your revision after a good night’s sleep, use View > Text Bookmarks to produce a list of all the bookmarks in your document (or in a Scrivenings selection). The dropdown menu list will show the text you added in the bookmark or (if you didn’t add a description) the start of the paragraph. Just select the one you want, and you’ll go back to where you left off.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot!