A transparent view of writing with WindowTop :)

I’ve been wishing for a long time that Scrivener had an option to put a image instead of the usual page colour. I used to make so-called “underlays” for Word, they were more fun to write with. They could be fantasy pictures, darkened for light text. But there’s still no such option in Scrivener. I even tried to use a glitch in the Composition mod, where you could make the page translucent and see the desktop with the wallpaper.

Turns out it could have been done much easier. Scrivener’s transparency can be adjusted using the WindowTop program. Most of its features are available for free.

The settings are quite flexible, but I would highlight three views. The first is slightly transparent. You put a picture in the background and you get a nice-looking page.

The second is quite transparent. You can watch Youtube and work :slight_smile:

The third is the most beautiful. Glass view, I believe, is available only in the premium version. Unfortunately, it blinks from time to time, which is not very nice.

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Thanks for sharing. My problem with Window-transparency apps, they all target the entire program window. Not just the writing area.

Options > Appearance > Main Editor > Colors > Editor color has an alpha channel that allows the background image/texture shine through as much as you want.

Unfortunately, it does not work. Won’t matter what value you put into the alpha channel of the editor background, it stays fully opaque.

Don’t know if this is a bug or a missing feature.

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