A/V template, anyone?

Hi all - I’m new to the program, and can’t seem to find a template that splits the screen, so visuals are on the left half of a script, and corresponding audio can be placed adjacent on the right side. Does a template of this sort exist? I have a project that just fell in my lap, and I would love to use the program instead of mucking around to format Word. Does anyone know where I can find/download a template like this. Like I said, I am a Scrivener n00b, so please be kind. I would think this is a basic audio/visual format type, but perhaps I am mistaking.



Hi Mark,

There’s nothing like this at the moment, although I am looking at adding one. You can set up one yourself, though. You will need to use a table with either two or three columns, the same as you would in Word. The next update will make it possible to stitch such tables together on Compile, too (you can download a beta of the next update from the Beta Testing forum).

All the best,

Thanks so much for the reply, Kevin. I’ll look for the update next round, and might even try the beta too.



Who’s Kevin?

mea culpa - Kevin = Keith. Been dealing with a Kevin on a project and typed the wrong name. Sorry for the typo, Keith.


No problem, I’m used to it - hence it says “Not Kevin” in my signature. :slight_smile: