A very nice mention by Stu Maschwitz

Stu has some very nice things to say about Scrivener.

prolost.com/blog/2010/6/17/the-s … ent8754862

Thanks for the link! And many thanks to Stu Maschwitz for the kind words about Scrivener, too, if he’s reading - much appreciated. Hopefully 2.0 will offer even more for screenwriters, even if it’s still not trying to be a full on final draft solution.

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Oooh, tasty. Let’s first list reasons why Scrivener wins this battle:

  • I’m a writer, but only a sometime screenwriter. Scriv let’s me be whatever I like :slight_smile:
  • The notecards workflow that Stu is all hot for in his post. Like everything else Scriv does, this is smack yourself in the face simple. Final Draft has diddled around with wonky features that turned into nothing (uhh, Collabowrite) while other apps (ahem) actually looked to improve the writing workflow.
  • SUPPORT! You’d think $200+ for a unitasking word processor would get you the best support in the business, but you would be dead wrong. KB and AmberV and the gang have been there for me through all my stupid problems. As a writer, I know I’m not alone in dealing with writer’s block by writing a forum post on something or other. (hint: I’m doing it right now) So folks on this forum get earfuls of “I can’t do yada yada”. It must be exhausting, but it’s so necessary and wonderful.

ALL THAT BEING SAID there are still reasons why Final Draft is, as Stu puts it “The Gold Standard”. I don’t think Scrivener will replace, which is fine and dandy. FD’s powerhouse functions have very little to do with the creative process. Still, whenever I want to write a screenplay, its auto-complete functions are far and away the best in the industry. It remembers characters and locations, and can even anticipate a conversation between two characters by filling in their names automatically in dialogue lines. That, combined with a printed page view, are features I wish were in Scrivener. Character and Scene tracking adds a lot of bloat, but perhaps 2.0 will have some functionality like this.

Or (as tends to happen when I rant and rave on the forum), this is already built into Scrivener and I just don’t use it enough. By sometime screenwriter I mean it’s been years, so who knows. Anywho, good work all around. Can’t wait (literally :open_mouth: ) for Scrivener 2.0.