A very small suggestion

Just been using the keyword feature for the first time in earnest. It strikes me it would be more logical when you used the “Search” button on the keyword HUD for the resulting search to be limited to keywords, rather than defaulting to “All” as now. I know it’s only one click-drag-release to get where I want it, but wouldn’t most people searching from a keyword list expect it to return a list of matching keywords?

Obviously not a big deal either way but when you’ve been in the program for about 70 hours over the last 7 days as I have, you just want it perfect!

(Incidentally there’s no way I know of that I could have met my deadline on this last project without Scrivener, so thanks for that.)

Actually, it does only do a keyword search when searching from the keyword HUD. It just doesn’t change the search menu (which will still say “All” etc), because otherwise, when you go to the search field to search the next time, you would have to manually change it back.