A View glitch

Versio beta (32 bit) on Ubuntu linux 12.04:

As I opened a project I had worked earlier (and last time on an 1.6. (?) version) the zoom behaves oddly.

First it seems to do nothing, only after I make some kind of edit it seems to take affect on that paragraph. Selecting text and changing the zoom does not do anything, either.

(and when I had by mistake put the zoom at 25 % and made an edit, I got an unreadable small line…)

So I get paragrafs seemingly having different font size when they actually are all the same…


The glitch disappeared after I closed and opened the old text (after some edits).

(and I did not appear on another old project I opened for testing).

The only thing that might be different: the other old project had had 100 % view, the one I had problems had someting larger when I opened it (120 % if I remember right).

Not a big matter, especially as it seem to have gone with the wind…