A Voyage Long and Strange

I just finished reading this enjoyable book, which is part travelogue, part history. After a trip to Plymouth Rock, Tony Horwitz concludes that he is clueless about all the many European attempts to found colonies in North America prior to 1620 (i.e. the so-called Pilgrims’s founding of Plimouth Plantation), and so he sets out on a quest to learn more about this aspect of American history by visiting these historic places. His description of his travels, interwoven with the history of the sites he visits, entertained me and I even learned quite a bit. I felt like he was fairly even-handed in his view, not sugar-coating the brutality of these explorers and pioneers, but also admiring their fortitude and courage. A good book to seek out if you like history and/or travel narratives.

Thanks Steve. I’ll look out for it.