A way to link to external media files?

I’m working on a lengthy liner note for an album.
I need to jump out of scrivener and listen to tracks and look at photos.
And then I need to jump back in and write about them.
It would be SO COOL to be able to add links in my “research” folder so that I could do that. Of course, I’d have to create a folder or folders to hold those files, but that wouldn’t be difficult, and then, naming the links with keyword topics (look at, to describe “pianist” photos), (listen to, to quote, comments about song “X” in onstage patter), totally wonderful.
Is there a way?

If you don’t want to import them into the project (and that is perfectly possible to do, try dragging a media file into the research folder and see) you can drag them into the inspector reference table for the relevant document. So if a particular piece goes with a document, you can attach it right to that document. The nice thing about this is that you can drag a reference to a split header bar to open it in Scrivener’s viewer, even though it isn’t in the project. Once loaded in a split, you can remote control the media file with Cmd-Return while typing in the other split. References don’t get meta-data though, so if you want to keyword, label, and add notes to media files, you’ll need to import them.

Thanks. I’ll try!