A way to see the last created docs across several containers


I hope this hasn’t been mentioned somewhere else and I missed it. I did a few searches but did not find exactly this. If it is indeed out there or if there is already a way to solve this, I apologize.

What I’d love to be able to do is to click on any container, for example my Research folder, which contains many other folders, and have the option to see in the Outliner (in a second editor, with synopses displayed), all the contained documents in a flat view. By that I mean all documents and subdocuments, folders (folders, actually, I wouldn’t need, but if it’s easier to leave them in, I don’t mind), etc, in a simple list with no hierarchy, that I can sort by creation date in descending order.

-> That way I can work on my script in, say, the left editor, and have my latest notes, thoughts, breakthrough ideas and such on view for reference in the right editor.

-> I can also, if I want, search by scrolling down further back in time and relive the progression of how my thoughts evolved, seeing, for example, here a fragment of a scene, then an note on a character I made right after, then a clipping I made, then again a breakthrough idea, that derived from all of that, etc… All of those being documents that are normally stored in different folders in the Binder.

I have a workaround, right now, which is to give all new documents that I might want to be able to see in that way, a specific keyword, and I have created a Collection (thanks to 2.0!!) that contains them. When I select all its contents, I have what I want.
But, apart from the extra manipulations that could be simplified, I am especially worried about remembering to always give a keyword to these new documents that are sometimes created in the heat of the action, or while syncing, or by ways of clipping or „Scratch Padding“, and to be missing a few here and there that may be crucial for inspiration later on.

That’s my main wish. I hope it’s feasible and that it makes sense to you!

I have a secondary wish, which would be to be able to modify manually the creation date and time of files, since those created by syncing, in particular, (I use Notebooks on the iPhone and sync via Dropbox) have the date and time of their creation on the Dropbox server, not their real creation dates.

That’s it.
And congratulations for the MacWorld Editors’ Choice Awards. So deserved!!