A way to view pages as I type

Since a page is roughly one minute of screen time, is there a way I can have Scrivener show pages as I type, rather than a single stream of paper? I’m working on a scene and would like to get an idea of how long it is as I’m typing.

We do have plans for a page-view feature to provide this sort of estimate for a given document or Scrivenings session while working in the editor, but at the moment you will need to use the Project > Project Statistics setting to get the page count for the draft or selected set of documents.

Am I understanding that Scrivener is going to create a page view for all documents, not just screenwriting? I would love that. I pace myself both in a book and a screenplay by pages and having that marker is very important to me and frustrating when I can gauge my progress.

Also, if I make a selection of text, and click on Statistics, I don’t seem to get the selection numbers, just the particular document numbers.


Yes, the planned Page View won’t be specific to script writing mode but will just be an alternative to using the current Wrap to Editor mode. It is typically most useful as a page count tool for script writers, because they more generally compile using the exact formatting as in the editor, whereas others may use radically different formatting when compiling (e.g. switching from single spaced to double-space, from a variable-width font to a monospaced font, etc.) and the Page View display is based just on the text loaded in the editor, using the editor settings. The greater the difference between the editor settings and the compile settings, the less accurate the Page View page count will be. It can certainly work as a pacing tool, though, and as a way to estimate chapter and scene lengths, etc. when comparing different sections. For a more accurate page count based on the actual compile settings, including page breaks added and so forth, you’ll still want Project Statistics.

Project and Text Statistics both work at the document level, so they don’t apply to selections of text within the editor. If you just want a word count for a text selection within a document, right-click the selection: the word and character count is displayed at the bottom of the context menu.

Thanks MM,
The page view is high on my wish list, so I’m pleased that it’s in the works. Any idea of when this may roll out? I’ve been writing all my scenes in one “chapter” document, but may need to break them down into their own doc within the chapter folder so I can get a better feel for the length until the page view is out.

Thanks so much

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