A website writing tool endorsement

For anyone interested, Dabble has worked great for me. The software designer is still working on features, but he alone programmed the software in a fraction of the years that Scrivener has screwed around with their Windows version, and I’m loving it.

It has an app, but also can be used on the website, and it automatically syncs between tablet, phone and computer.

Ah. Of course. Subscription-based. Use the tools you want to use and discard the remainder.

Of course. Nothing like having access to one’s ms after a year of not being able to afford the expense.

“A one-time payment of $399 gives you all features forever (no discounts allowed, sorry).”

Which is more than double Microsoft Office and 8x Scrivener.

But sure, it’s your money.


The live word count on their website - if genuine - makes me wonder just how much else of what’s written in Dabble is monitored.

The “Scrivener without the learning curve” is a bit daft: heavy-handed marketing meant to perpetuate the myth rather than to report a new reality.

Personally, I was put off by the massive email barrage trying to get me to re-sign up when I erased my account after the free trial.

Well, they don’t even claim to have anything like Scrivener’s Compile command, which is a major source of complexity for both users and the development team.


Nah will stick with scrivener its the best writing tool I don’t like subscription based stuff and the thought of them having access to my writing does not appeal