A Wish for Scriveners import abilities

This is a short one:

  • I realized that Win-Scrivener is not able to import OPML (which would be a nice ability)
    so, please, could Keith & Lee team up to bring the OPML algorithm/feature to Win-Scrivener (the mac code is already there, is it so difficult to port it to windows? :open_mouth: )?
    Would be great. Thanks for giving us Scrivener (both Versions) :slight_smile: I love it :mrgreen:


Hi Bastian,

It will be coming eventually, don’t worry. It’s not possible to port the Mac code because the Mac code uses Cocoa’s NSXML classes - this is a set of classes that makes it very easy to read and write XML files on the Mac. That’s not available on Windows, but I’m sure there must be some equivalent that Lee uses for other XML files. Fortunately, the OPML format is quite simple, but it’s just a matter of when Lee is able to add it in (with everything else on the list too :slight_smile: ).

Thanks for the kind words, and your ongoing support and help!

All the best,