A wish: "Save" button on the toolbar

Hi there,
my first post here.
I’ve been trying out Scrivener for some time now and finally started using it for an actual project.
One thing that I would like to see is a “Save” button on the toolbar. Out of habit (I’m a software developer by day, wannabe writer by night) I use Ctrl-S really often, every few lines or so. But sometimes I want to use the mouse for a change.
I tried the “Customize Toolbar” dialog, but unless I’m blind, there is no “Save” action available. Or is there?

Soon as you start typing, Scrivener automatically begins saving. To indicate that it is saving text, you will see this symbol * at the top of the screen in the title ribbon right beside the name of your project. There might be other things to do, but I thought I would let you know that so you can quit “manually” saving.

Hope this helps.


Yup, as noted there is rarely ever a need to save in Scrivener. The main exceptions are when you have the auto-save idle timer cranked up really high (out of preference, or if you are working off of a file server or otherwise slow media, to reduce performance lag). Otherwise that command is mostly just a psychological safety blanket—most of the time it doesn’t even do anything. :slight_smile:

Very nice feature!

Thank you, guys!