A word count log

I bought this after completing camp nano in April and so far I love it.

Before I used Scrivener, I used a program called yWriter. It’s free and basically has a lot of the same features, but is more basic. One thing it had was a word count log, where you could look at what days you’d opened the project, and how many words had been added (or removed) from the project on any given day. Scrivener only seems to log how much I’m writing this session and how big the files are as of this moment. As soon as I close down the program, I can no longer be certain how much I added even five minutes ago unless I manually obsess over the numbers and that’s just too much clutter.

So that’s basically all I want. A word count log. A way to keep track of how much I wrote on any given day.

A word count history is planned for the next major (paid) update of Scrivener (which is still a few months off).
Thanks and all the best,

Cool :slight_smile:
This update, would it be for Mac or for Windows (or both)? :slight_smile:

Mac first, Windows a bit later.

Great Enhancement…

Or we could do a Windows update and then gradually get around to one for Apple-ies.