I managed to install Scrivener on Linux RHEL6 x64 (I had to install some libraries that it needed in 32-bit–the key word to look for, I found, is “multilib”)-- but I’ve run into a problem.

I’ve written several novels now and in all of them I have these abbreviations: h for the, n for and, w for with. Simple, huh? And MS Word gave me a ton more, mostly spelling aids.

I was excited to find Scrivener worked for Linux and that it had abbreviations. However, the abbreviations are a little more “live” than is useful to me: when I type “in h” I expect “in the” but I get “iand the”.

Is this the same on the Mac and Windows? Is this eligible for a wishlist item?

I’ve been through the tutorial and I love Scrivener. The need for this one feature (being an old dog and being so used to this one trick) is a deal-breaker for me, though.