Ability to change highlighter color labels

Not sure whether this is possible and/or simple to implement but here is a small idea on the highlighter label names.

I have tried making use of the highlighter colors to indicate different reasons for revisiting particular parts of the text. E.g. yellow might resemble some information is missing from a sentence which needs to be filled in, blue could indicate a piece of text which contains some useful thoughts but might need to be reworded, merged or deleted later depending on how the surrounding story develops, orange could denote key points/ideas, etc.

The trouble is that I sometimes take relatively long breaks from writing, and when I come back to it I’ve managed to forget which color was supposed to do what. So currently I end up using them arbitrarily. If it is possible to implement, it would be great if the labels of highlighter colors (which currently only state the name of the color) could be renamed by the user. That way, there would be an easy way to define a purpose for each color, and to look it up in case one forgets.

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Go to Edit > Find > Find Highlight (or press Control-Command-H).

Thank you - this is great and very helpful!

Also, my apologies for posting a request for an already existing feature. As I didn’t find an option for it in the preference pane nor the highlighter dropdown, I assumed that the option didn’t exist. Wrong assumption.

Thanks once more for pointing me in the right direction.

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Precisely why I like to rename the labels. (Except my memory fails with relatively short breaks)

That’s an excellent case for named highlights; probably the best I’ve seen from the human angle. From the machine angle, the ability to use named ranges semantically is also a good argument.

Fully agree. For Scrivener highlights as well as for Scrivener annotations.

For example, if I am customizing my CSS for my Warnings to be in a red-bordered box, I would much rather target my css at “warning”, not at “color:#FFF000”.
.warning { … red-border box …}
[style=“color:#FFF000”] { … red-border box …}

Hey, just a quick request, though this might be moot with the focus on cleaning up menu options in the next release, but it took me coming to these forums to discover how to change the Highlight labels. I successfully did it almost a year ago, but now that I’m starting a new project, I needed to adjust the labels to my current needs. Even though I had changed them once, and knew that it was somehow possible, I still couldn’t figure out how to do it.

It seems to me that adding an “Edit Color Labels…” option to the “Text -> Highlight” menu would make the process much more intuitive (plus adding it to the right-click Highlight menu). That’s where we most likely are when we’re making the decision to edit the labels anyway, so putting the option right at our fingertips seems like a good idea.

Like I said, this might be moot with the next release, but still, thought I’d add my two cents.

As always, thanks for the awesome app, and I look forward to paying for the 2.0 upgrade. I’m sure it will most definitely deserve it.

Actually the ability to name highlight colours at all has been dropped at this stage in 2.0, although it is on my list to consider adding back in.
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Please DO retain the ability to rename highlight/label colors. (colours). This enhances the value of the feature by A LOT.
Thank you. Wonderful app.

I’ve recently re-implemented this into 2.0, so you can rename highlights in 2.0 too - you can name even arbitrary colours in 2.0, in fact. You do it a little differently, so it will definitely be an “advanced” feature, or one for our upcoming “one minute tip” screencasts. In 2.0 you will just create a custom colour palette in the colour panel and call it “Scrivener Custom”, and Scrivener will look in that colour palette for colour names before trying to get them elsewhere. The advantage is that you 'll always have the colours available in the colour palette too, as well as in the menus, of course.
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Thanks. Sounds like fun!