Ability to copy tab-aligned text

As a linguist, I write papers with examples from foreign languages, where each word (and frequently parts of words need an English gloss. So you have the words in the foreign language, and glosses of them in another line underneath the line with the foreign language words. The words and the glosses under them need to line up. it would be great if Scrivener would allow me to copy my examples with the glosses lined up and preserve the tabs I have set.

You may need to set the tab stops for the text after you paste it in so that they’re not too close together (I think by default, they start out every 1/4 of an inch, so depending on how long a word is, the first tab stop(s) after some words may not be the same tab stops encountered after other words on subsequent lines.

I think the menu to show the ruler is under View->Text Editing->Ruler (I’m on the beta v3, so I don’t know for sure where the menu items are in the old version anymore)

I’m sure that the tab characters are preserved, since they’re just (invisible) characters. You might want to use the “Show Invisibles” menu under “View->Text Editing” to see those tabs.

Also, it may be that you need to change a fixed-width font if the characters (glosses?) aren’t lining up after you set the tab stops.

You can also set the tab stops for all newly created documents by going to Tools->Options->Editor (I think… again, the location of options has changed in the Beta, so you may have to hunt around for similar menus).

In summary, I think it’s not that Scrivener lacks what you want, but rather that it’s not set up by default for your needs; but that’s easy enough to fix once you know where to look.