Ability to disable Auto-Corrections on a per-style basis

Following @nontroppo’s suggestion in this discussion [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/disabling-smart-quotes-for-code-span-and-code-block/51322/1]
I am posting this as a slightly more general request here to the Wish List:

It would be great to be able to switch off auto corrections (such as smart [typographic] quotes) not just in a specific mode (i.e., “Script Mode”), which is currently already possible, but also when the cursor is located in a span or block of a specific style (e.g., Code Block or Code Span – but ideally the user should be able to specify any style for which they want auto-correction to be turned off).

As nontroppo suggested in the other thread it would make most sense in the Styles system as an option, “Disable Corrections” (turned “off” by default so that the default Scrivener behaviour would remain unchanged).

Adding this here in case it helps others while waiting for a different solution…

Even if smart quotes are turned on, users can still type straight quotes:

CTRL QUOTE for a single straight quote

SHIFT CTRL QUOTE for a double straight quote

Basically, just add CTRL to the keystroke to escape the smart-quote engine whenever you need to.


This is helpful yes!!
I hadn’t come across this option yet – it’s actually great as it works across macOS! You never stop learning about small features that can make a big difference :slight_smile: