Ability to "empty" only selected items from Trash?

Not sure about the pros and cons, but how about a right click menu option, only within Trash folder, to just empty selected item(s), rather than all? Would allow avoiding an “all or none” situation.

This came to mind regarding the following thread, https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/making-backups-new-versions-very-iffy-solved/36639/1 , in which, in order to shrink the project size, they opted to manually locate and delete a really large video file out of the project via Windows Explorer, after having moved the file into Trash within Scrivener. Presumably to avoid emptying other material also present in the Trash folder.

It appears one can currently accomplish this via workaround within Scrivener… create an alternate Trash folder (AltTrash, Trash Temp, etc.), select and move or duplicate everything don’t want to empty out of Trash to that folder, empty whatever is left in Trash, then move the rest back into Trash.

Sorry if I’ve missed something obvious. Thanks.

A fast trick would be to click on the Trash and then over in the outliner or corkboard select all, then Ctrl-click on the big file you want to purge to remove it from the selection, group the rest from the Documents menu, drag that out or use the shortcut, empty the trash, then dump everything back in. That will at least keep you from flooding the binder with trashed items. It’s basically the same as making a second trash folder like you mentioned, but probably a bit more efficient.

That said I wouldn’t mind a “delete now” kind of contextual menu command on items in the trash. I’ll put it on the list, I thought that was something we added to the iOS version, but that doesn’t seem to be working in the test build I’m using. Hmm.

I guess I would have expected to be able to open the scriv Trash, select an item and with the regular Delete function have it really go away. To my surprise that doesn’t work. Seems like a good idea if it would though.

That said, I have never had an occasion to wan to delete just /some/ of what was in the scriv Trash.


P.S. On the Mac, there is also a fairly common key command for “immediate delete” – cmd-opt-Delete. That would be another natural option on the mac side for at least deleting selected things that are in the Trash folder.

Yeah I think Windows has a similar approach in Explorer, though maybe you have to enable it in options, where you get a true “delete” command in the contextual menu as well as the option to trash it (or recycle it). It certainly is nice when you really positively know you definitely do not want that accidentally created “Untitled” document. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if Scrivener would benefit from that added complexity at the front, but I can see merit in a “Delete now” type thing that appears for trashed items.

The ability to delete items directly from the Trash has already been added to the next major update (using Edit > Delete).

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The ability to delete items directly from the Trash has already been added to the next major update (using Edit > Delete).

Looking forward to this.