Ability to Grab a reference URL when clipping web page

It would be handy if the clipping service could grab the URL from any web pages that are used for clippings.

A current similar implementation would be that used in Devonthink.
Using services you can clip a selection as a plain note and DTP will create a new note and attach the URL of the page from which the clipping was taken.

Can you confirm which DTP service you are referring to? I don’t see where it is saving the URL from the text of the page you used a service from. I’m using the “DEVONthink Pro Office: Append Plain Note” service. I just get a .txt file with whatever text had been selected in my browser, no URL in the Inspector palette or elsewhere.

I’m not even sure how that would be possible, as we only get the raw text from the system.

You should get the URL with either service, ‘Take Plain Note’, or ‘Take Rich Note’.

Hmm, maybe it is my browser, which do you use?

Safari 7.0.5.

It’s one of DT’s most important features, in my opinion. I can’t remember a former version without it.

A simple workaround for capturing the URL is to make two captures, one of the URL and one of the text that you need.
Label the first capture as the URL, thus “Stone Age Link”
Label the second capture as the subject, thus “Stone Age History”
Make the second capture a child of the first capture. You could do vice versa but if you make several captures from the same page then the link becomes a convenient title/heading for the section.

Thus adding the URL capture as a Scrivener feature would save the second capture.

What I do is just drag the URL icon from the browser into the References pane for the thing that I snipped from the site. I prefer it off there since I can just double-click to load it, give it a descriptive name, or access the URL to copy and paste it elsewhere if I need it for something. This is also consistent with the behaviour you get when importing full pages to text files.

Yep, good approach.

My suggested approach is based on the fact that I keep the browser and S. on different desktops and so I avoid dragging.

Ultimately though it would be better if the original capture by S. included the URL as with DTV.

Hmm, well as I said before, we’re not sure how they are doing that. All we get from the service is the selected text, nothing about the source of it. They must have some neat trick.

Things clips the URL as well, so not just DevonThink


Because of the lack of this feature, instead of Scrivener’s service, I use a bookmarklet for clipping text with url and date.
It involves a few more steps than the service would, but less than manual clipping. Once the dialog comes out, cmd+c should be pressed to copy the selected text.
Here is the code that should be placed in the address of the bookmark. Unfortunately, I can neither remember nor find where I got it, so I am unable to credit its generous creator right now.


Does this help?