Ability to higlight PDFs

I think it would be nice if you could use the highlight tool on PDFs in the Research bin.

This has come up lots of times. To do this, just use the “Open in External Editor” option and highlight the PDF in Preview or Acrobat, or whatever you prefer, then save it. The next update has “Open in External Editor” and “Reload” buttons in the footer view to make this process easier, but Scrivener will never be a PDF editor. If it allowed PDF annotations, what about image editing? And HTML editing? And QuickTime editing… And so on. :slight_smile: PDFs in Scrivener are for reference only.

All the best,

Hey Keith,

Do you know when those buttons will be added? I guess I am asking is when is the next update?

Late summer at the earliest. The next update is 2.0 in all but name and price (i.e. it’s free).