Ability to make binder icons small, medium or large

So i see binder icons are surprisingly loaded with meaning. However, I’m finding the size of the binder icons way too small - particularly when glancing to see the status of file / text / synopsis cards associated with folders.

Is it not possible to give us a small - medium - large pref setting for binder icons so we can choose whether to prioritize binder icon emphasis over textual space emphasis and therefore visa versa depending what suites ?

At the moment the binder is locked down in a very un Mac and more “microsoft windows” kind of GUI. For me it’s the only visually illogical part of scrivener with folder icons being even smaller than text document icons and generally too small to make quick-glance use of visual queues like color codes and text status indicators. For me it’s annoying because i can see it’s going on, but it’s straining my eyes and it’s easier just to open the icons and take those indicators from the main central windows which then defeats the point of having those active icons in binder…


Folder icons will match (the small) Finder folder icon sizes in 2.0. There are no plans to have different size options, though - bear in mind that a lone programmer who makes or sources all his own icons does not have infinite resources (although 2.0 will allow you to choose custom icons). But can you choose medium or large size icons in iTunes or iPhoto? Or Mail? No - so it’s not “un Mac”-like.


If anything, huge sidebar icons started on Linux, not the Mac, in the Gnome and KDE desktops.

maybe i’m thinking of the layers panel in photoshop come to think of it…

  • but anyway upping the binder icon size to the current Mac OS finder sidebar icon size will be a huge improvement and also - fantastic for creating a folder customization ability which i was also going to ask about but thought it might be too much !



Yes, icon customisation should be really useful (I hope), as it will mean you can create location/character root folders or whatever and design your own icons for them, or source them from the internet or whatever. You’ll also be able to have the label colours appear as rounded bars like they do in the Finder, which should make it easier to discern the colours rather than just having an icon tint (although that will remain as an option).

All the best,

P.S. One day, of course, OS X will go resolution independent (it’s already overdue - it was dropped from Snow Leopard), at which point I’ll have to try and find a cheap icon designer who can re-render everything as a vector-based PDF, but I’m hoping we’ll be richer by then. :slight_smile: