Ability to move/copy to a different project

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I’d like to be able to move and copy folders from one project to another. Use cases:

  1. Working on several projects, half asleep in the morning, and just did the work in the wrong place. Pain in rear to move it all around.
  2. Modifying my usual template – deciding on a better way – and would like to add it to all current projects. Pain in rear to make the changes in the other projects.

It’s already possible, on the Mac.

Are you saying you want a way to move things from one project to another besides simply dragging the items from one project and dropping them in another?

It’s not possible on iOS, and if you don’t have the Mac or Windows version, you’re left with some awkward workarounds.

Actually, I have the Windows and Mac versions and I must be dense today because I can’t see a way to move a document from one project to another. I can move it to other folders, but can’t see a way to get it to another project. Still looking. Looking in help hasn’t helped.

Again, I’m trying to move a folder (or its documents) from one Scrivener project to another. When I’m in Project1, for example, I can’t see Project2 to be able to drag items there. Using the Move command allows me to move LEFT, but once I get to the “top” of the project, I can’t go further. I’m probably missing something obvious.

I don’t know how the Apple system works, as far as allowing you to have two open project screens at one time. In Windows, I can have one project on one side of the screen and another on the other. Then I can drag a folder or file from one project directly over to the other project window and drop it into the Binder.

OK, I’m using the Windows version as I type. In help, I finally found the “Splitting Projects Up” section and discovered I can open a second project and have both projects visible. I didn’t know I could do that. Dragging seems to make a copy (not move) so you have to remember to trash the items from the original folder. And “Save As” is interesting, but still leaves a lot of cleanup work. And you seem to have to manually rename the SCRIVX part or it keeps the original name.

OK, so bottom line, I can move folders/document to a different project but in a very round about way. To clearly state my request given all this new information . . . I am requesting the ability to have a Move to Another Project option added to the menus. The help document (“Splitting Projects Up” section) already explains the use case. What I want is a very direct, safe, and easy way to make it happen. Thanks for considering this.

p.s. Note to self: In the future, just cut and past man. Would have been WAY faster.

Silverdragon & Sanguinius: Thanks for your help!

It’s a similar procedure on the Mac. It’s true that it’s a “copy” not a “move” and so you then have to delete the original in its original place in the original project - if you so wish - but I suspect that’s part of the design, as a safety factor. The entire procedure takes about 15 seconds (and is written up in the Manual in Section 25.1 in my copy).