Ability to navigate documents from full screen mode

How about adding the ability to navigate forwards/backwards through a document using key commands while in the full screen mode?

I realize you can use the Edit Scrivenings feature to work in full screen in multiple sections, if you set it up ahead of time. However, it would be nice to be working in a document, and then quickly jump ahead or behind a section.

Otherwise, it seems to me that the only way to move around is to close the fullscreen, and then reopen from a new document.

Or did I miss something?

Well, there is one way without leaving, but for merely jumping back and forth in the outliner, it is a bit clumsy. The Go/Go To menu function can be used to jump anywhere in the hierarchy.

Exactly - the Go menu does this for full screen. Full screen even has its own navigation history, so once you have opened a few documents in full screen using Go > Go To…, you can use the navigation history keys to navigate between them.

Ah, I was wondering about that. What is your reason for not using the standard history? It is lot easier to “load up” several files with the Binder than using the menu.

I think a binder HUD would be very nice … but how many people would actually use it? Not many I reckon.

I agree with Amber, using the standard history would be easier and faster. As for a binder HUD, I personally have no objections but it seems to me that it defeats the purpose of focusing on the text.

Right. Full Screen is extremely document centric. Not only that, extremely text area document centric. Yes, you can do keywording and access your notes, but that is about it. If you throw the Binder in there – well you create quite a juxtaposition. Why keep things text area centric when you have this view of your project right there? If you want to see the Binder for the purposes of navigation – Well the Go To menu is basically just that. If you want to browse, that isn’t really a full screen type activity.

There will be no binder HUD in the near future, if ever. Full screen is about the text. Use the main window for organising it.

As for the navigation history: I think it just makes more sense to have it separate. If you are moving between documents a lot, then that isn’t really what full screen is there for. Moreover, the navigation history of a standard editor can contain web archives, pictures, movies etc, whereas full screen does not support these documents. Hence, a separate history. This really should not be a big issue.

Yep; that’s fair enough. I do tend to spend a lot of time in the full screen mode, which is why I end up navigating in there. Most people don’t work that way though.

Hi Keith–I’ve been waiting to send some feeback, because I’ve only been using Scrivener a few weeks, and so far it would’ve just been gushing. “Oooh, this is the perfect writing app! I’ve tried them all, but nothing else comes close!” I know how tedious and boring such notes are to a developer… :wink:

But as I was working in full screen mode today, I too found myself wishing I could simply hit Page Down or some key combo to move effortlessly to the next scrivening in my draft. This particular document has a number of short sections (as in a few paragraphs each) that I want to work on individually. I don’t want to be distracted by seeing them all lined up (a la Edit Scrivenings), and I don’t want to have to scroll through them to get to a new section. I just want to hit a key and be taken to the top of the next (or previous) scrivening.

Shortly after posting this, I figured out how to use full-screen navigation history and thought it answered my wish. But after setting it up, I clicked an internal link and realized (when I then tried to move forward) that I don’t want to move around my history–just move through my draft in order.

Really, this is a minor quibble… I love writing with Scrivener. Just wanted to say that Rayz and Fletcher are not alone.

Thanks for such a great app!

after more use, I realize this feature request isn’t tied to fullscreen. I’d love to have Shift+Page Down take me immediately to the next scrivening in my draft regardless of view. (And the other direction, obviously…)

Cheers, and thanks again!

I second this idea.

Just select everything in the binder (cmd-A) before launching full screen. That will load everything into the full screen navigation history. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

That’s a sort-of workaround, but not ideal for two reasons:

  1. My document has internal links. If I follow a link, that changes the order of everything in the history. Actually, even just moving back and forth repeatedly changes the history I think.

  2. Minor quibble this–I find it distracting to have each scrivening lined up one after the other. I want to work on one (fullscreen or not, doesn’t matter), then navigate around my draft with keys.

I really have no idea how hard it would be to implement, and it’s obviously not a high priority. . . . As you note, there are workarounds (the Go menu). But if it’s not too difficult, it would be great at some point.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, Scrivener is doing wonders for overcoming writer’s block. I’ve gotten more done since switching a month or so ago then in the past six months combined.

It’s harder than it sounds because of the hierarchical structure, so certainly won’t make it anytime soon.
All the best,