Ability to open URL links to other program documents

I use Scrivener for writing, and a piece of software called ConnectedText for all my research notes.

Connectedtext allows other programs to link to its files with URLs that begin ‘ct://…’

It would be great to be able to open these links from within Scrivener…

And it would also be very excellent to be able to place a link to a Scrivener document into other programs that are capable of linking to these kinds of URLs.


This request has been posted and responded to in this thread.

Great, thanks.

I can’t quite tell from the discussion in that thread whether there are plans to allow linking to an external application from scrivener, in addition to being able to link to a scrivener document from the external application.

Being able to travel in both directions would be ideal.

I look forward to it!

Sure, but you can already do that. You can embed hyperlinks in the main text editor, or in the Notes pane in the Inspector. While there, the References pane is also designed to hold links, either for the entire project or on a per-document basis. So if a particular section of your work is detailed in ConnectedText, you could just link to that page from the sidebar for that section, or put a text link in the main editor, marked as an “Inline Annotation” so that it doesn’t print—these are just a few ideas! :slight_smile:

Wow… thanks for your suggestions— it does indeed work to paste a URL into the an ‘external link’ entry in the references pane. Great! Right clicking and selecting ‘open link’ opens the right document in ConnectedText.

But I can’t figure out how it works in the text editor… If I paste a URL I just get the text—no ability to click on it, and I can’t see any way of turning it into a link (whereas pasting an http URL automatically becomes a clickable link).

Same in the document notes pane.

How do you ‘embed’ a URL as a link?

Really hope it does indeed work, simple clickable links are exactly what I was hoping for! Unfortunately, can’t see myself ever using the clicketty route of clicking on doc refs pane, right clicking on the relevant reference, and clicking on ‘open link’…


Edit/Add Link… menu command (for fully formed link like this you would want to set the dialogue box to “no prefix”).

I wouldn’t use it either if that were the only way! Fortunately you can double-click on the icon to load the resource immediately. :slight_smile: You may in some cases be able to drag and drop into the table as well, instead of creating one manually. For something like this though, you probably just got a URL on the clipboard from CT, not an object you can drag and drop, like an icon from a browser URL bar.

ah, amazing… i’ve realised that dragging the link from the references pane into the text editor creates it as a clickable link. wonderful stuff! That’s pretty much request come true as far as I’m concerned.

I’m getting some strange behaviour here though. In one of my documents in scrivener, I am now (for some unknown reason!) able to paste URL’s to ConnectedText documents, and they just appear as clickable links.

In other documents i’m still just getting normal, unclickable text…

Something weird happening?? Or some setting I’ve never noticed that somehow just got altered?


you beat me to it—I’ll investigate the menu and drag&drop options—thanks!

strange behaviour remains mysterious though…

Thanks for the clicking-on-icon tip. For some reason I’ve always taken aim at the text and thought that editing the link title was the only option. My mouse button will be happy.

And also, the Edit>Link is exactly what I needed, and never noticed before. Excellent.

In light of this—a much narrower and less urgent request that my intial one in the OP;

Can we have a Link option in the right-click menu when text is selected?

Currently there’s an option to create an internal link, but no equivalent option to create an external link (as far as I can see—hopefully I’m wrong about this one too!).

You can create an external link on selected text via the menu command Edit>Link, but it would be handier in the context menu.

Thanks for all the tips,

Oh I’m not sure why it sometimes doesn’t work, but it is a rather simple checker, some unusual but otherwise valid URLs may fail to be recognised. On speeding things up, I believe you can set a keyboard shortcut for this command, in the Keyboard section of Tools/Options....

Even better!