Ability to post to blog?

Perhaps this doesn’t fit with the goals of Scrivener, my new favorite app, but it would be nice if the app I like to write in MOST gave me the ability to write and post directly to a blog. I have used Ecto in the past and liked it because it gives you the time to work on your writing before posting, but I hate having to use so many apps to do a few seemingly simple things… I realize of course that Scrivener would have to interface with the database in this case so maybe it’s too much to wish for even if it seems logical. Keep up the great work! :smiley:

This is certainly way out of the scope of 1.0, but maybe I’ll consider it for 2.0. :slight_smile:

I know how hard it all is and appreciate everything you’ve implemented. I look forward to being a registered user!

May be a plug-in interface would be better. i.e. someone can write a plug-in for blogging, while another can write a plug-in to sync with online repository such as Google Docs.

A plugin API would be good.

Simply the ability to use Brent Simmond’s API for external blog editors would be good - I’m not after a replacement for ecto, but I would like to be able to quickly send content to a blog.

Could you bring this up again when I start scouring for new features in a few months? Right now I don’t have time to look into this (like I say, it’s beyond the scope of 1.x), but this sounds interesting and it would be good to be reminded of it in a few months if you are still around the forum.