Ability to print the Outline view

Minor request perhaps in the overall scheme of things, but as noted elsewhere I would find the ability to print the outline helpful. In my case, it would enable me to share the structure, and projected word counts, with my thesis supervisor. As it currently stands, I need to export a synopsis and then manually add word counts or simply retype the entire outline.

Many thanks to Keith for the care and attention to detail so far, and to AmberV for his efforts to help me find a way of exporting what I need for my supervisor.

As Ioa already said in the thread you link to, this is coming in 2.0.

Thanks Keith - I wasn’t certain from Ioa’s comment about ver 2.0 on that thread whether it would do what I was asking for here (outline including target word count), hence the request.

Glad to know it’s on the way and my supervisor will be happy too (although only if I provide several draft chapters to go with it - but that’s not your problem). :slight_smile: