Ability to remove a project from Automatic Backup

I use Scrivener for many Projects that all need backed up except for 1. I have a Password Notebook of all my passwords I use for everything around the internet. I keep this file in a True Crypt encrypted drive on both my Mac OS X Mountain Lion and my Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon computers. My hard drives are regularly cloned with smart backup by SuperDuper on my Mac so I am gtg there. I currently have to go into the backup folder and delete the automatic backup of my Password project every time I open it and would love to exclude just this 1 project from automatic backups. Please consider adding this option. Not an issue for most I know, just a selfish desire I guess. Thanks for the great software.

This already exists: File > Back Up > Exclude from Automatic Backups. :slight_smile:

Thank You - I don’t know how I missed that. That will make my life a little better for sure. :smiley: