Ability to roll-up document targets to the project?

Hi folks. I may be being a bit dim here - though I’ve been using Scrivener for nearly a year but only just upgraded to v2. I set word targets to each document or text file within a project. This allows me to track detailed progress on the outliner, and enables me to focus better when writing each chapter or sub-chapter. However, the project targets seems to be disconnected from the targets within the project itself. Is there a way to roll-up the individual targets such that the project target becomes the sum of the detailed targets I’m tracking? Any help or guidance would be extremely useful… Thanks.

I’m finding the same issue. I’m developing the table of contents for a technical book, and would like to easily determine if the chapter targets add up to the correct total book target. A simple and flexible approach would be to display the sum of the statistics (both target and actual) of the selected items in outline mode, in the status bar beside “XX items,” similar to the “sum=” status bar entry in Excel. This would be handy both for targets and actuals, and make it easy to determine if a book’s sections are “balanced” in various ways without requiring a lot of complicated configuration options. Actuals are currently displayed in the local menu this way, but it’s inconvenient to access and doesn’t include the targets.

When you view documents in scrivenings mode, the target bar at the bottom is the cumulative target of all documents in the scrivenings session.

There’s no way I can think of to roll the document targets into the project targets because there’s no way for Scrivener to know for sure which documents should be counted towards the project target and which shouldn’t.

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