ability to see percentage of book I'm at, even when i'm in a scene (scrivener) and not the entire manuscript...

I don’t know if I’m expressing this clearly enough–

but as a novelist, structure is very important and the ability to see the following info – “this scene is on page 45 of 345 pages – its __% into the novel” – would be very helpful.

Right now, unless I"m mistaken, the only way to see how far into the book a scene falls is to click on the entire manuscript and then manually scroll to the place in the story that I’m looking to track – and reading “pg 45 of 345 pages” and figuring things out from there.

You can also use outline mode to see an overview of the manuscript with word counts for each section.

But if you only have one document open, Scrivener has no way of knowing that it’s really a scene from somewhere in the middle of your novel, or that you care. It could be a short story. It could be a letter to your agent.