Ability to Toggle Compile Replacements

Nothing major, but it would be occasionally useful to be able to build up a list of replacements but not necessarily have them all enabled, so once could tailor replacements for a particular compile. An alternative is to save Replacements when saving Compile presets, which IINM is not currently done.

And on the topic of replacements, is regex support still on the TODO list for a future Scrivener? If so, a vote to use oniguruma (used in Textmate and Ruby).

Cheers, Ian

This can already be done.The Replacements pane allows you to choose between “Project Replacements” and “Preset Replacements”. Use the latter for replacements that should be saved as part of the preset.

Regex is on the list, but probably won’t be implemented until 3.0 - it would use OS X’s new RegEx capabilities, introduced in Lion.

All the best,

OK, can live with that! Thanks as always Keith!

for those into these things, Apple are using ICU flavour regex, which does lots of the more advanced regex features: userguide.icu-project.org/strings/regexp – I’m surprised it has taken Apple so long to provide regex APIs!!!