AbiWord is a new, open source word processing application that aims to do much of what MS Word, Nisus and other full-featured apps do. I downloaded the most recent iteration and gave it a very cursory whirl, and the first thing that hit me was how the text looked in both VIEW: Normal and VIEW: print layout. See pix. So you might be curious, give it a whirl, kudos to all the people who’ve brought it to fruition, but I’m too busy to check it out more thoroughly. Don’t want to trash it, just didn’t like how it looked on my iMac G5 screen…
Picture 2.jpg


Be aware that AbiWord is not really new, but nearly a classic (I’ve tried the first version some years ago).

As for a clean display of text, I suggest you give a look at Mellel. It has the smoothest possible display in any word processor.


I have Mellel and I agree its got a very clean interface and display of text. I didn’t realize Abi was “old” in the software sense of the word. Anyway, it was just another afternoon of NOT WRITING but PLAYING on the computer…back to work, again, using Scrivener’s beta.