about 10.3.9 OS

Hi! I’d love some help if you have an older version that I can access.

I read about Scrivener and downloaded beta 1.1 on my work’s machine that has OS 10.4.10 to test. I’ve played around in it and it looks fabulous!

I’m currently revising my 2nd novel and I wrote a screenplay, too – granted, I’m new to writing and learning as I go. This is my hobby and I feel Scrivener could really help with organization; however, my ibook is older and runs on 10.3.9.

I see no chance of getting a new one (or updating the OS) for about a year. Is there an old version of Scrivener I can download on my Biddy laptop?

Also, if there is an older version and I use it, will the files be inter-changeable with an updated software? By that I mean, can I open the old files in the updated Scrivener and/ or can I open new files in the older Scrivener?

If not, I understand. I guess I can wait for a year or so! : )
Thanks for your time. I skimmed the Tech threads and here but didn’t see these questions addressed in the first several pages.

please let us know which iBook you own – I run Tiger on an iBook G3 500 mhz without DVD player and it works just fine. I’m sure there’s a way to install Tiger on your old iBook and now that Leopard is out many people sell their Tiger licenses and you might get one very cheaply.

I’m afraid that there are no versions of Scrivener that run on anything less than Tiger. It relies on certain technologies - such as the PDF view for viewing PDF files - that were not available pre-Tiger.

I also have an iBook 500 with Tiger on it and it works just fine. I did max out the RAM, so I think that helps.

To install it, I put it in Target mode using my Powerbook G4. Whatever machine you use to put the iBook in Target mode will need a DVD reader, but the iBook itself doesn’t need that.

All the info is on Apple’s support site and it was pretty straight forward as I recall.

for all the great responses!

I’m not computer-literate enough to know “Target mode” and that… I have a G4 iBook but the RAM is already worn thin when running the apps I use most often, particularly if I’m running up to 3 at a time (firefox, HP ImageBrowser/ Movie Edit, voodoopad or MacJournal). I try to keep Word off (mine runs in classic environment) and never run Photoshop 7 unless I have to do (even then shutting off other apps).

Thanks for your advice. I think the best thing for me now is to wait until I have a younger, faster machine. – I just got an iPhone so, it’s about all I can shell out for!

Target mode is as easy as fixing a cup of tea:

switch off your iBook
connect your iBook with a computer than runs Tiger using a FireWire cable
switch on your iBook while pressing »t« on the keyboard
a FireWire-symbol will come up on a blue screen

Your iBook is now connected to the other Mac in target mode. It’s hard drive can be used like any other external hard drive.

You can copy tiger onto your iBook using an application like »Carbon Copy Cloner« or »SuperDuper«. Both are free and both can be found at versiontracker.com

Two important things: backup all your data before installing a new system and you will still have to buy a copy of Tiger to run it legally on your second Mac.

If there are any questions please come back to us - would be shame to wait another year to use Scriv on your mobile. Scrivener is also very easy on RAM, so you will be okay with your G4.

Edit: You can, of course, also install directly from the Tiger DVD onto your iBook if the other Mac has a DVD drive. Just select your iBooks HD as the installation target. You won’t need another application in this case. To preserve your data and settings, choose »archive and install« as an installation option.

Thanks. I didn’t know about all of that! Coolio. And, did you say tea? ; )