About Scrivener 3 price and upgrades

Hello guys,

I live in Brazil and our exchange rate is 3,60 BRL to each USD as we speak right now. It means that I have to pay 3.6 times (+ brazilian taxes) the 45 USD price tag.

As you may agree with me, you wouldn’t pay 162+ of your local money on Scrivener. That’s because my Govt is a piece of crap. So, I really would like to buy it, but in order to do that, I have to think it as “an investment” instead of buying a software.

With that in mind, woul I be able to recieve Scrivener 3 if I buy right now the available Scrivener for Windows? Would I recieve some sort of discounted price for Scrivener 3? Sorry to ask this question, I really don’t like the idea of cracking the software, I prefer to be sincere and ask.

Thank you guys.

Uh, what? Is this a real question?

By this logic, someone from Iran should pay 45 Iranian Rials, and that will mean that the developers will receive 0.0011 cents.

Do you think this is fair?

You did not understand. I WILL pay 45 USD. Developers will receive 45 and I will pay 162+. Did you miss math class?

Then where’s the problem? I’m also not happy with how the money exchange work, but that’s not a reason to pay less for the same product. Another option is to buy local software.

I’m not asking to pay less. I’m asking what is the policy for a customer buying an soon to be outdated Scrivener right now just before the release of a brand new software. C’mon, it’s not that hard to understand that

I must admit that I had to read the original post a few times before I understood exactly what you were asking.

ETA: Removed my incorrect information. See Katherine’s post below for the correct answer!

literatureandlatte.com/intr … crivener-3

Anyone who purchased Win Scrivener after the release of Scrivener 3 Mac will get a free upgrade to Scrivener 3 Win when it is released.

This is more generous than the usual free upgrade window, probably due to the delay between Win Scrivener 3 and Mac Scrivener 3.


Excellent Katherine, thanks for the clarification!

Thank you for the clarification. I do appreciate it. Maybe you guys (not you Kath) don’t understand what it takes to live in a country managed by mofu that makes us pay 3.6 times the price of ANYTHING bought from the exterior plus 6% tax + 60% import fee. You do not know how it works and the struggle we make to live buying things from the “outside world”.

That’s why Steam, Netflix, Microsoft and other companies do business in here with different price tags in Brazilian Real. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for us to pay and that’s why we have so much piracy in my country.

Just to let you know, you pay 11 USD on a standard plan on Netflix. We pay 27,90 BRL, cheaper than the direct exchange rate of 11 USD * 3,6 = 39,60 BRL). You live on a blessed place and yet some of you complain.

Yes I do.

While I do understand your difficulty—I have lived in countries round the world, most recently in China for many years on a local salary—but, as the saying is, “Comparisons are odious”. I don’t know anything about Steam, but my betting is they enjoy the same or similar financial situations as Netflix or Microsoft. You cannot compare Literature & Latte with either of those latter two.

Microsoft counts its dollars in billions; Netflix has the highest revenue stream per employee in the world … something in the range of $2 million/year. They can afford to make such concessions.

L & L is a very small team with the founder as the sole coder for the Mac and iOS versions, and two coders for the Windows version, with the help of a very small support team. And while I’m sure Scrivener has a good user-base, it pales into insignificance compared with the user bases of Microsoft and Netflix.


Hey Mark.

Did you see above that I’m willing to pay the full 45 USD price tag? I’m not asking them to lower their prices. Just giving you guys a glimpse of what things are down here. Chill out.

Once again for the disavantaged in text interpretation, I WILL pay the full price of 45 USD. It is VERY hard to get that money here, be more understanding, folks. Maybe you live in a very comfortable country. I don’t.

You’ve made a big enough point about the specifics of the cost breakdown now that it no longer comes across as neither a glimpse nor chill. You also pretty much said that nobody understands your situation, which is a fine way to calm folks down.

Ok then, champ! Irony is a great way to prove a point. That’s why americans are hated in many countries. You do not get what empathy means, specially with foreigners. I didn’t say that nobody understands my situation. Don’t be that douche. You certainly don’t, but I didn’t say that. Thank god you’re not part of L&L. If you were, I certainly wouldn’t buy anymore.

Okay, it’s probably a good point in the conversation to take a step back and take a deep breath. There was as I see it a misunderstanding over the nature of the original question, that it was a plea to see the software sold on the cheap where the exchange rate is disadvantageous.

As I understand it that wasn’t ever your motivation, you just wanted to be reassured that you wouldn’t have to spend half of that all over again in a few months. To that point, hopefully you are satisified that we have your best interests in mind.

I also hope you will see that my locking of this thread is not about saying we aren’t interested in your perspective or your voice. We are interested—and we do our best to make the pricing affordable to as many people as possible. I’m locking it because this point I just see people in a flame war over something you didn’t even mean initially.

Tudo bem?