About styles when working from two computers

So I’m syncing Scrivener3 between two computers using Dropbox without any hassle. Except for styles: the computers have different resolution and I need to set them up a bit different with rulers so that it aligns correctly in the middle of the screen.

My question is: is it possible to sync everything except the styles, or somehow set up a standard style that works with different screen sizes and resolutions?

Your styles should sync — it would be disruptive if they didn’t, because styles go through to compilation.

But you can change how the page looks on the different screens by changing preferences — because they are specific to the machine, not to the project.

Without knowing your requirements exactly, have a look at Preferences > Appearance > Main Editor > Options and turn on both Use Fixed Width Editor and Centre the editor when using a fixed width. Change the Default editor width to suit your preferences (I set it up to 72 characters of Courier 12 point, but that’s just a personal preference).

Then go to the other machine and go to the same preferences panel — but this time explicitly put in the width from the first machine — ie the Default Editor Width should be the same on both machines.

When you’ve done this, one will look too small or too large for their respective scenes, so you correct this by using zoom in/out (cmd-shift-< and >). When you’re happy it looks right, got back to Preferences > Editing > Options and set ‘Default text zoom’ to whatever level you’ve used.

When you’ve finished you’ll have:

  • The same default text width editors, centred, on both machines (so you don’t need to change rulers) – eg 510 points.

  • Possibly different default text zooms on each machine. (This isn’t strictly necessary, because you can always change it on the fly with the shortcuts anyway)

When you switch between machines, your project should then look the same in relation to the screen. There may be other ways, but this is how I’ve set up my MacBook 12" and iMac 27" and it works well.


Just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you for the well formulated answer. I will try this when I get home.

Have a great day!